To Have and Have Not


Quiet, rich, and beautiful.

Another Hemingway gem.

This journey from success to annihilation pulls you deeper into the question of what gives life value.

The characters are real and the struggles heartbreaking.


Constant excitement.

A fast paced, and enjoyable doomsday novel.

Quality sci-fi without any of the frills.


An insightful idea.

Vonnegut argues our intelligence as our downfall in a very unusual form of storytelling.

While at some points the story's unique flow felt burdensome, the inventiveness in this narrative cannot go unmentioned.
Ready Player One


Entirely captivating.

A fantastic adventure that I couldn’t put down.

Combines elements of nostalgia with dystopia to create a refreshing and fun read.

The universe is imaginative, detailed, and relatable.
Starship Troopers


Perceptive and intriguing.

A tale of personal growth and duty.

Heinlein cleverly challenges our institutions offering insightful alternatives.

The story’s restraint serves to magnify it’s powerful message.


Incredibly unique.

An exceptional story like none I have ever had the pleasure of reading before.

Stephen King's talented writing is surpassed by his incredible characters and undeniable originality.
The Checklist Manifesto


Valuable insight.

This methodical investigation into how we can mitigate preventable error in our lives will leave you wishing you had picked it up sooner.

The evidence is overwhelming, and the lesson is simple. Everyone can benefit from this book.
A Life in Parts


Truly exceptional.

A fascinating life filled with struggle, self-discovery, and art.

Bryan Cranston tells his story magnificently and masterfully.

A perfectly crafted autobiography.
Spock's World



A completely compelling account combining history and narrative.

Rich in lessons and reminders about confronting our emotions.

A novel that consistently managed to surprise me and exceed my expectations.
The Wisdom of Insecurity



Beautifully frames the issue of insecurity and anxiety.

Focuses on the endless lesson of "now".

A very soothing and guiding perspective.
To Kill a Mockingbird


Timelessly harrowing.

Reveals ugly truths about our former and current world through the eyes of innocence.

Draws attention to the heroism present in daily life.

And makes you wonder what the difference is between a finch and a mockingbird.
Animal Farm



A brief overview into power and corruption.
An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth


Reassuring, and helpful.

Chris Hadfield has no secret other than hard work and dedication.

A necessary reminder to a generation of instant gratification.



A mysterious universe with a certain allure.
Of Mice and Men


Woeful, and humbling.

A tale of the beauty and cruelty in the world.

Provokes one's values and compassion.
Sherlock Holmes


Delightfully magnificent.

Never has being on the edge of your seat been so fun.

Sherlock Holmes is the epitome of characters.

Arthur Conan Doyle's genius never ceases to amaze me.
The Cather in the Rye


Introspective, and reminiscent.

A character seldom played but very relatable.

Sharing a moment of distress felt by everyone but spoken by few.

A soothing emotion to share.
The Martian



Difficult to put down.

The book manages to top itself time and again with each new feat of ingenuity and creativity.

Climbing into the mind of an astronaut.
The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold


Unnerving, and fascinating

A brief journey into the delusional mind.

A true story making it all the more impactful.

Through life's greatest challenges one's courage is tested.
The Way of Zen


Eye-opening, and thought-provoking.

Alan Watts effectively teaches a different way of thinking.

Dense with new lessons and outlooks, every page contains something worth meditating over.
The Old Man and the Sea


Empowering, humbling, and meaningful.

This is the book that began my romance with Hemingway.

The book is short but it's lessons have stayed with me for a long time.

Wise in his years, the fisherman Santiago embodies the virtues that each one of us strive for.


Tremendously agitating.

An account of strength and weakness.

The bleakest overtones fill this oppressive world.

A warning or prediction.
20000 Leagues Under the Sea


Constant adventure.

A journey to captivate one's sense of discovery.

You can feel the electricity of being on the move.
A Farewell to Arms


Hope, and futility.

Challenges the actions of mankind through startlingly contrast.

Gives the gift of feeling powerless.

Purely Hemingway.
Around the World in 80 Days


Classically fun.

Another book best described by a subtle grin.

Wonderfully captures the feelings of flight and chase.

Ever changing scenery keeps excitement alive throughout the entire novel.
Brave New World



The weakness and arrogance of mankind as we grow comfortable and proud.

Numb curiosity becomes festering fear as the realities outlined become all too relatable.

Echos louder with each passing year.
Call of the Wild


Savage, and astonishing.

A journey of exploration unlike any other.

A steady march towards primitive and instinctual brutality.
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?


Uniquely captivating.

A quaint take on a mildly dystopian world.

A book that keeps you guessing in the most delightful way.
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Fresh, and methodical.

A very English take on gritty.

An easy and enjoyable classic.

I enjoyed imagining the reaction incited in the book's own time.


Timeless, and eye-opening.

An extraordinary way of explaining the unexplainable

A two-tiered story, combining intrigue with insight.

A true gem for one's perspective.
For Whom the Bell Tolls


Powerful, and resonant.

Whispers of hope and the trudge of painful reality are at the forefront of this novel.

An exploration in acceptance.

Hauntingly vivid.
Gulliver's Travels


Whimsical, and entertaining.

Well-written and self-contained stories to amuse and surprise.

Precisely adventure.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy



Funny at times, but largely disappointing.

Perhaps I'm missing something.
How to Win Friends and Influence People


Classically straightforward.

Dale Carnegie isn't teaching you how to be a business man, but rather how to be a decent person.

The lessons aren't shocking, they are things we all know but choose to ignore by our own accord.

The voice of reason needed to guide you back on track.
Jungle Tales of Tarzan


Amusing, and captivating.

Stories from a unique character with a charming perspective.

A small world with much to offer.
Jurassic Park


Looming tension, and splendid fun.

Impossible dilemmas, a magical island, and magnificent perseverance.

A well-thought-out story.
Pride and Prejudice


Giddy enticement.

A book about intrigue, and preconceptions.

The novelty felt by the characters translates wonderfully to the reader.

A perfectly paced romance.


Insightful, and nourishing.

A terrific journey through the suffering and wanting of life.

The story's appeal matures well.

An essential read for those seeking more.



Painfully moving.

The disorientation of wars atrocities as they echo forever.

A breathtaking view on life.

An unexpectedly beautiful take on science fiction.
Sled Driver


Truly extraordinary.

Stories from an entirely different world.

They will leave you laughing, awed, and humbled.

Passion in one of it's finest forms.
Solving the Procrastination Puzzle


Necessarily honest.

Does a wonderful job of helping the reader to understand their own behaviour and tactifully present alternatives.

It will not suffice to only read this book once.
Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman


Absolutely riveting.

Richard Feynman's amusing stories, valuable lessons, and unending humour makes this an absolute must read.

Everyday tales form the mind of a genius.

Truly marvelous.
The Bell Jar



An intentionally unpleasant account of a quietly painful world.

Anxiety and despair rupturing from powerlessness.
The Book Thief


Simply beautiful.

An unexpected exploration into the ceaseless persistence of humanity.

Continually touching, introspective, and illuminating.

A literary treasure.
The Count of Monte Cristo


Unprecedented excellence.

A compelling story of patient justice and unrelenting composure.

Consistently clever, tremendously written, and perfectly moving.

A masterpiece.
The Diamond as Big as the Ritz



Glamour portrayed through ultimate splendour.

A glimpse into the blinding power of wealth.
The God Delusion



The widespread phenomenon of religion as understood by a geneticist.

Human behaviour reexamined.

Challenges the reader's assumed knowledge.
The Invisible Man


Anger, and anguish.

A portrayal of a wonderfully difficult situation and the accompanying struggle to overcome it.

Frustration done right.
The Island of Doctor Moreau


Curious fun.

An adventure in an utterly unique setting.

Explores both madness and power just briefly enough to raise a question.

Perfectly an H.G. Wells novel.
The Lost World


Unreachingly wonderful.

An enjoyable read in an undeniably exciting world.

Unoriginal but nevertheless fun.
The Phantom of the Opera


Unexpectedly exciting.

Perfectly naive characters and a beautifully arranged mystery.

A romance utterly overshadowed by the setting.

The Shining


Eerie, and creeping.

Wonderfully written and perfectly frightening.

The horror sets in slowly; one doesn't realize until they're absolutely terrified.

A captivating story with extremely well-developed characters.
The Sun Also Rises


Patiently moving.

The poetry of life displayed as it is.

Nuances of this novel will travel with you, surprising you for long to come.

An unexpected and unique piece of literature.
The War of the Worlds


Futility redefined.

A challenge to mankind's self-proclaimed dominance and entitlement.

The impermanence and relativity of strength and weakness.
The Time Machine


Mysterious, and strange.

Questions rush in as an entirely new and everlastingly eerie world is painted.

A story filled with naivety and discovery.
Treasure Island


Captivating from page one.

An intriguing narrative and exciting setting.

A great journey filled with truly fun imagery.
Under the Dome


Emotionally rich, and powerfully written.

Like having manipulation and paranoia dropped into your backyard.

Incredible depth and character throughout the entire novel.

Enjoyable on every page.
Vice Versa: A Lesson to Fathers


Ceaselessly amusing.

A tale that leaves you with the slightest grin on each page.

A classically beautiful take on a cliche.

Perspectively wonderful.
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